Friday, May 22, 2009

birthstone bracelet.

Hi, there! Good afternoon. I've just woke up from my drowsiness.
hehe >-(Spring makes me lazy..laaazzzziiyyyzzzzzz)
Hope your afternoon is fine.
Today, I want to write abt birthstone bracelet which is put on a desk of main reception
I realized that the bracelets was made by shu, the owner of this hostel, today and suprized.
Since It's quite hard to imagine mr.owner making bracelet from his looking (he looks macho, rather than feminine one)
So i asked and found out that it wasn't just an accessory, but an bracelet having a meaning. According to him, In buddhism, the birthstone bracelet is said that it works as a amulet.
For example, Garnet, which is a birthstone of Jan is said to carry you a sincerity and happiness. And, Amnthyst, a birthstone pf Feb is believed to bring you a wealth and humility. And My birthstone, Turquoise, it has the symbolization of prosperity, hope and success.
perhaps, should i ask him for one of Turquoise one?
Coz I'm financially broken thesedays. lol-
Please pay attention to the display window of birthstone bracelet, when you drop by main reception. hehe.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How are you, everyone?
We,Ikoi-no-ie, are good.
But, There was a litte change in our hostel.
Could you guess?
Our staffs begin to wear kimono, the traditional clothes of japan. hehe
It's really good to work in kimono.
We be a !!STAR!! on the street..
But hopefully, we change our uniform(kimono) to yukata????
Summer is coming
and since to wear kimono formally, we should wear underwear called eri, and outwear on it, which has long sleeves.........
guesses we are gonna die,
if ms.Asada(owner) doesn' want us to change our clothes in the summer?0_0??
kidding. hehe
have a nice day

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Traditional event part2

Our staff and guests experienced the mochi-tsuki to celebrate our 5th opening day on 15th!
The event was hold during a whole day.
Everybody here pounded mochi to make some rice cakes all together .
Seems fun and looked so yummy...
Owner said they couldn't make it very well this time
because some rices still remained as it is in the rice cake
and hope for meking the best rice cake next time...
But I here again, missed the chance to take part in the event because I worked at the night on the day.
That's what it is...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Traditional event part1

Our staff and guests experienced the tea ceremony on 14th.
Everybody here put on the beautiful Kimono.
How lovely they are...
It seemed to be so much fun in authentic atmosphere.
but I missed the chance to see them because I didn't work on the day...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

preparing opening event.

hello, there!!
how's your May going?
we, ikoi no ie, are recently busy for preparing opening event.
so, to prepare it, we go shopping and have talks all together
about how we can make it a good event.
Events we are producing now are, 'having japanese breakfast', 'Tea ceremony',
'dressing up kimono' and 'having japanese cold noodle and salada' .
we are trying to give you a new exprience to know japan more.
so, please come and fully enjoy it!!