Saturday, December 31, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Japan turned into 2012!!!! What did you see in your dream?? If what you saw was Mt fuji, congratulation!! this year is going to be your year:)

We thank you everyone very much for being our friend through facebook and sharing lots of things. This year we do our best to update lots more than last year we did. If you got any chance to come to Kyoto, please feel free to contact us! You are always welocme here as long as you like!!

Best Regards,All staff

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pray to them, then eat them!!

-Tomorrow Event in Kyoto- 23rd December, there is an unique memorial service at 矢田寺(yadadera-temple). Guess what it is for. is pumpkins!! In there, you pray that you might be safe next year, and that your wishes might be granted by rubbing the worshiped pumpkins. What made me laugh is, at the end of the event, you can eat them for free(only offered to first 100people,though).Go pray to them and eat them!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today's Kimono Experience!!

This time we did with a Japanese couple! Not very often this happens. It was just awesome!! They thankfully taught us how to make a pause beautifully. Please see below our improvement!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Autumn leaves are not over yet!!!!

It seems the number of tourists in kyoto are already going down, compared to a week ago....but...No No No!!! Hang on!!! right now is the best!!! full of red leaves everywhere!! Don't miss this chance! It will also be easier to get an accomodation now. Of course, we expect you to stay with us, though:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bhutan King and Queen visit Japan!!

The King and Queen of Bhutan is in Japan now!!!! and day after tomorrow, they are going to visit at Kyoto!!Kyoto are already a full of people enjoying autumn leaves all around. Their historic visit will make it accelerated and get more tourists to Kyoto:)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Light-ups is what you must not miss in this season!!

Hello everyone:) How are you doing??
As we have finally got in beautiful autumn, lots of temples and shrines have started light-ups each place. This temple, called 'Kodaji', is one of the best places where you can have illuminated red-yellow trees. It is available to December 4th. Autumn leaves are not really yet turned red, though. I am sure it would give you a great time:) For the detail, visit this page!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The most beautiful season is coming to here Kyoto soon:)

Hello everyone!!

Let me start with apologize..How often do you think we update this blog?? We are sooo lazy, aren't we?? If you wait us for update everyday, we are, no, 'I' am so sorry about that.

As the heading say, we are having the most gorgeous season in about 2 weeks. (This year is relatively late that leaves turn up)

Catch the latest information from this site (Only Japanese is available..) If anyone knows anysite where you get update information of autumn leaves in English, tell us!!(by anyway is fine) We'll appreciate it:)

See you next week!! I promise!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello everyone!! How are you doing!?!?
We are sorry it has taken very long since we updated last time.

The biggest and best festival in Kyoto 'Gion-Matsuri' and hectic Japanese summer week 'Bon' has gone now. This 2 months, September and October, before the season of autumn leaves come up, are when we are kind of taking a break. So in this calm and relaxing mood, nothing was expected to happen.....However we forgot one thing that could happen in this was typhoon!!!!! We got huge one in this 2 days. It was just horrible to walk down streets in such a strong wind that almost blew up a storm.
A week ago, NY had a hurricane as well........what is going on on the earth!?!?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We've uploaded some photos of this year's Gion Festival!! Did you go and see it?? Millions of people were there watching the spectacular festival.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7th July Tanabata!!

Hello every one!! Today's topic is Tanabata(七夕) Have you ever heard of this??Do you know anything about this?? If not, don't worry. I will explain:)

Here is the explanation of the Japanese event.

Tanabata(七夕, meaning 'Evening of the seventh') is a Japanese star festival. On the day, Japanese people celebrate the meeting of Orihime(Vega) and Hikoboshi(Altair).
-What happened between these two guys??
According to legend, the Milkiy Way, a river of stars that crosses the sky, separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. The celebration is held at night.
I personally think that this is a kind of sad story...but we celebrate it.

-How to celebrate it??
People generally celebrate this day by writing wishes on tanzaku(短冊), small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo with other decorations.

If you have tanzaku, some pieces of paper and bamboo, it is ready to make wishes!! On 7th July is the day!! Please don't miss it:)

See you!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gion Matsuri

Hi folks!

Today I would like to tell you about Gion Festival. Gion Festival is one of the most known festivals in Japan, and a lot of people come to Kyoto to see it. It is held around Gion district, hence the name.

It's a very long festival that spans from July 1 to the end of the month, containing several high lights. One of which is a parade called Yamaboko Junko (山鉾巡行) in June 17.The Festival originally made as a part of purification ritual to appease the gods of disasters. The emperor of the time ordered the citizens to pray to the God of Yasaka shrine, Susanoono Mikoto.

You can see a big float walking around in Kyoto. (See the picture above)

During Gion Matsuri Kyoto will be crowded with many tourists all over the world.

Why don't you come to Kyoto this time and be a part of it?


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi friends!

Summer is coming, and we are all craving for something cold to devour so we can cool down our hot bodies.

Some eat ice cream, some gobble down a bottle of extreamly cold tea (or coke), some love to compete with the heat and eat boiling ramen (and excessive sweat would chill them out. A bit disgusting, but you know it works).

But what's loved throughout the summer is Somen. I have never heard anyone disliking it.

Somen is a type of noodle which is mainly made of flour. After we boil the noodle, we put it in very cold water and serve with ice to maintain its cold temperature (See the picture above).

When we eat it, we can't help but feel that the summer is just round the corner, or maybe already out there somewhere.

We once held a Somen party in 2009 just outside the street of the hotel. We installed a bamboo slide, which resembles the waterfall, and from the top thrown a chopstick-full of somen. As the noodle slides down the flume one must catch it quickly to eat., or it goes out for someone else.

We call it "Nagashi Somen" (flowing noodle).

We invited neighbors and the guests!

If we you have a chance, please try Somen!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Event Highlights

Hello Friends!

I bet you noticed the change in the background and colours.

Following the previous post the blog has turned into the season's special edition.

But after the rain Kyoto will be brimmed with summer heat.

Today I would like to introduce some of the main events in June.

Hope it will be an usefull guideline to your travel.

June 15

Yasaka Shrine Reisai Festival

This is an annual ceremony and dance perfomance, based on a dance style that was developed by the Heian imperial court.
From 10:00 a poetry reading will be also organised.

June 17-July 17

Bell Flower Viewing Party at Tenju-in Temple in Tofukuji Temple

Tenju-in temple is famous for exquisite bell flowers. The temple will also be open at night.
Entry:500 yen.

June 17-19

Kyoto Antique Fair

About 350 antique dealers, including many foreign dealers will participate in this exciting event, which is the largest antique market in western Japan.
This fair will be held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza.

Please give it a try.
I'm certain you'll have a heavenly experience.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain Season Has Come!

Hello, friends!

The year 2011 has reached the half point already, and now we are in the month of rain, June.

According to Wikipedia,

The month is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and
equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera, whilst the second is that the name
comes from the Latin word iuniores, meaning "younger ones".

Also, Juno is believed to be the guardian of marridge, so the brides that marry in June are called June Bride, wishing to be blessed by the goddess power to preserve the marridge in peace.

We also believe in this tradition, and lots of women like to have the ceremony in June.

BUT, June in Japan is not necessarily a good season to have the wedding because we will be in Rain Season.

Funnily enough, in olden Japanese name, June was called 水無月(pronunced Mi-Na-Zuki), and each kanji represents different meanings.

水 means Water and 無 means None while 月means Month. June was called the month with no water.

And it is pararell to the rain season, for the rain brings lots of water!

There are many interepretaton and studies have been made, but the one I trust the most is this;

"The seasonal rain dried the water in heaven"

How Romantic is that!

Kyoto, not to mention, is also in rain season at the moment.. But there's also some virtue in staying home and read hearing the rain drops.

And the rain in Kyoto will start to look not as bad.


Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello friends!

The spring has passed, and now the heat of summer is slowly settling in in Kyoto.

It's one way to stay in cozy air-conditioned places, but how about a lovely dinner by the
beloved River, "Kamogawa"?

Some cafes and restaurants which are facing the riverbed are allowed to build a huge veranda outside exclusively in the summer, so the customers can enjoy themselves outside watching the night of Kyoto as well as the lovely dinner with your special someone.

This is called "KAWADOKO".

Isn't this cool if you can get over the dog days like this?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's hot just like in summer.

Hello!! How are you doing??

Did you have lots of funs in Golden Week??

Here kyoto is having very hot days in this 2 weeks, up to 28 degrees. It's killing us and just like we have already got summer we don't want to have right now. The problem of this does not just come from the hotness but also horrible mosquito emaergence that we all hate. That is we all hate. Actually, I got bitten by the monster yesterday. I got shocked and couldn't believe the fact because now it is May. Nomally, or people expect, the monsters come in summer around July. I want to say to them, ' It not time yet you come, come back latter!!'

Anyway, it's very hot, though, you will be able to enjoy hanging around outside all day with T-shirt. Along Kamo-river, sitting down and drinking would be so much funs:)



Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello!! How are you doing??

Here Kyoto, finally beautiful cherry blossom season is over. Did you see and enjoy with it?? It was just amazing.....already really missing it...

Today, we would like you to know a festival called, Aoi-Matsuri(Festival) that is taken place on 15th May in kyoto. It is well-known that the festival is one of the three biggest annual festivals here. The two Kamo shrines, Shimogamo-Shrine and Kamigamo-Shrine, are the host of it. The feature is a gorgeous parade in the style of the ancient Heian Court, and everything in the parade is decorated with hollyhock leaf crest, Japanese name 'Aoi'. The parade leaves the Kyoto Imperial Palace at 10:30 in the morning. The 700-meter-long parade passes Simogamo-Shrine and heads for Kamigamo-Shrine.
It is worth to go and see it for sure. Please check this link. Very kind explanation with some photos!!

See you later!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Golden Week

Dear friends,

Today I would like to introduce a special holiday season in May.

It is called Golden Week.

We all look forward to this holiday because we will have many tourists visiting Kyoto.

I will tell you a brief history of this holiday, and how it is made.

GW (Golden Week) often refers to a particular week that starts from Apr 29.

GW contains four national holidays: Apr 29, Showa Day
: May 3, Constitutional Memorial Day
: May 4, Greenery Day
: May 5, Children's Day

When the national holiday lands on Sunday, thet next day substitutes the holiday. So if we
had Children's Day on Sunday, we will have the coming Monday off.

Let's take a look at this year's calender.

If you take a few paid holiday, you will have maximum 10 days off!

That is why we have many visitors in GW.

We will have many interesting events coming soon, so stay tuned!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Arashiyama Updates

Earlier I have posted some pictures of the long-beloved Arashiyama.

Now that the cherry blossom is full in bloom, I roamed around the area once again
in search of beautiful sceneries to share.

This time Iwent to Togetsu Bridge, and a temple called "GION-JI".

GION-JI is located in a remote part of Arashiyama. It takes about 20 min. from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station.

The temple is beautifully accompanied by the moss-covered garden , and in the
midst of the green there stand graceful trees. My poor vocabulary cannot explain the beauty.

Utterly Indescribable!

Also I visited the bamboo pathway. It was dribbling at the time but was still nice.

I just wanted to share the memory ;)

yours ,

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hello!! How are you doing??

Here Kyoto, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom finally!! It is absolutely beautiful. There are thousands of people walking down streets, taking pictures, having a lunch or drinking, doing what they like to do, in the fantastic scenery. We hope you are one of them:)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Blossom full in bloom in ARASHIYAMA


As we have been anoucing for so long, Kyoto is now full in bloom.

And I have made my way to Arashiyama by bike yesterday.

It was immensely beautiful. I was very glad to witness such beauty in my life time.

It left me totally speechless. I got a bit welled up!

Here are some excerptions of these sights I managed, rather badly, to capture with my phone.

Just wanted to share the memory ;)


Friday, April 1, 2011

cherry-blossom season

Hello, how are you doing??

Here kyoto is having a lot of festivals and events with wonderful view of cherry blossom soon.

Today, has uploaded this below page on its website.

Following the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami that rocked Japan on March 11th, our Shanghai office has been in constant contact with our Japanese properties so we can bring you the most up-to-date information about safe areas to travel in Japan.

Northern areas of the country like Sendai have been devastated by this horrific natural disaster and further revelations of earthquake damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Things are quite different in southern Japan, which wasn’t affected by either the earthquake or tsunami. According to our colleagues in Shanghai and our properties in southern Japan, it’s completely safe to travel to areas like Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe and Okinawa. All these areas can be reached by flying directly to Osaka Kansai International Airport.

For updates on air travel to and from Japan, check out the following websites:

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
International Air Transport Association (IATA)

For up-to-date health and safety information relating to travel in Japan, you’ll find everything you need to know on the World Health Organization (WHO) site.

If you’d like to make a donation to support disaster relief efforts in the area, the American Red Cross has set up a Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Appeal.
As you see from what they say, there is nothing to worry about travelling in Kansai area, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara etc..
Although we can really understand why people are afraid of comming to Japan, just would like you to know these places are very safe enough to visit.

We all hope that more people come visit Japan and feel how beautiful country is.

Best Regards,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

for this Spring

How are you doing??
Everyone knows what is going on in Japan.
We appreciate our guests are sending very encouraging message for us, and for Japan.

Kyoto is totally fine and safe.
Transportation, restaurant, supermarket, convenience stores and so on are opening as usual. We don’t have any problem with that now. So it is something like nothing happened in Japan. But actually it isn’t.

The number of tourists coming to Japan sharply decreased after the disaster. We are struggling to deal with many cancellations related to this. Still don’t know where we are going to.

However, surely and steadily the beautiful spring season is coming here.
This year there might be not a lot of people around here, sightseeing spot won't be crowded, compared to last year. Hostels in kyoto are preparing usual price for even this busy season. Some people even say that this would be a good experience for you to get to know a gentle spring in Japan. We hope this spring makes everyone feel peaceful and forget about this sad thing just one moment.

For them, for our future guests, we would like to serve with our heart.
We would like to make your journey safe and unforgettable.

New Japan is beginning from now!! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As you know Kyoto is the one of the most famous city in Japan about the BEAUTUFUL cherry blossam "Sakura".A lot of tourists are coming to Kyoto from around the world to see wonderful nature.We are exciting that most beautiful season is coming to Kyoto now!!

The cherry blossom will come out early in April.This year cherry blossam will be bloom delayed, becase of unusual wheather.You can see the cherry blossam from 29th of March.We are expecting to see in full bloom cherry blossam on 6th of April in Kyoto city!:)

Hopefully you could be come to make the most beautiful experince about cherry blossam in here, KYOTO;D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kyoto is alright!

Dear Friends,

Despite of the disaster that has overwhelmed the whole country, Kyoto has fortunately been dismissed of further distruption. However, it is much too soon to be relieved, or grieved over the concequence of the earthquake.

Japan is not dead.

Kyoto is looking as brightful as it has ever been;
with the Cherry blossoms starting to bloom, with Miyako-Odori marching on the way.
The spring is coming!

Thank you so much for the kind words of condolences.


Friday, March 11, 2011

a massive earthquake hit!! but we kyoto are fine.

As you may know, a massive earthquake hit the north of east Japan yesterday. It is said around 300 people have been killed and more than 700 people are missing by the earthquake, and also by huge tsunami after the earthquake.
Japan is in total chaos at the moment. Nobody knows where we are going to.

Last night, we got many people who had to return to our place to stay due to all traffic closed down. There may be still hundreds of people stuck at the station and have nowhere to go and stay.

Today, we feel terrified of the serious damage to the north of east Japan and deeply sorry for the people suffering from the earthquake. Who can we brame this happening for? It is nobody's fault. It is natural disaster.

At the same time, we have got a lot of heart-warming messages from our guests. They all worry about us and Kyoto. This is really encuraging us in this situation. Thanks a lot for all of them, we are fine.

Fortunately, except the area near to seachoast, there was almost nothing happned in kyoto and osaka. We actually could feel the earthquake a bit, though. However, some of us have family living in near to the quake-hit area, and one who used to work here is from the area, so we are praying for safety of the people in there. Even a small thing would make difference. We want to do something for them.

We all just wish all people's safety and prevent the damage from spreading anymore.







Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 3rd is celebrated as the Girl's Day, or the Festival of Dolls. People display graceful dolls in ancient court costumes on a tier of 5 or 7 shelves covered with scarlet cloth. These dolls represent the Emperor and Empress, the court ladies, the ministers and the court musicians. The girls are expected to be as elegant as these courtly ladies.
Young girls wear their beautiful Kimono and get together before the display and have a good time, eating sweet rice crackers (Hina arare) and drinking white sake (Shirozake). It is also known as the Peach Festival.

there is the festival in Ichihime-jinja shrine. the temple is very close to our hostel.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is coming soon??

How are you doing, everyone?

It is getting warm these days in Kyoto:)
That is good for us and our guest as well.
This winter was so cold!!

By the way, we are going to do an event on 3rd March!!
The Japanese Doll Festival (雛祭り, Hina-matsuri)
We will let you know about the detail soon!

Anyway, take care of yourself everone!!
Be carful to get a cold as seasons change!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

trip to Miyama!!


Here is snowing again. Where is hopeful Spring? We cant wait!!
Recently, we have been searching any place where you can experience more authentic japanese atmosphere. The place would be something you have never seen.
A few days ago, we went to Miyama district, some 15km from north of Kyto city, where you will find the collection of houses with a thatched roof in the beautiful landscape. As you see from the picture, the houses in the district are quite similar to the one called gassyo-zukuri in Shirakawa-go which was selected World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.
It was snowing a lot when we were there so that we could see and enjoy winter scenery of the village.
There are still a lot of places people dont know and go in Kyoto so We would like you to know such a hidden spot through this blog.

See you later!

Friday, February 11, 2011

National Foundation Day!

Hi how are you doing everyone??
Today is National Foundtion Day in Kyoto.
The first Emperor succeeded to the throne on this day in B.C.660.

So many poeple having day off today!
But actually we don't do anything special on this day.
We don't cerebrate like other countries.
So we just usually go out and have fun, that's all.

Anyway, do you know Kyoto Imperial Palace?
That's the place where Emperor used to live.
When poeple come to Kyoto, they often visit Kyoto Imperial Palace & Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
You can visit garden whnever you want.
If you want to go inside the palace, please take your passport to the counter of the Imperial Household Agency Kyoto Office to apply for entry permission.
You can join the English tour free of charge!
I think it worth going there!

See you!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Save money!! Do great experience!!

Hi there!
May be, almost of the people who check our infomation know that we have Winter Special.
The geusts on the pictures put on Kimono for free!!
If you book and stay at our hostel by 5th March, Kimono Experiece is included in the room rate. Sounds economical~~!! Kind to your wallets~~~!! hahaha :)
If you want to know ...the detail about WINTER SPECIAL, check it out!!
We are not sure yet but we might be going to do Winter Special next winter.
So if you cannot come over to our place this winter, please check this community often.
We will let you know some information before the next winter!!

See you ~~ =>

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's special of our building??

Hi everyone!!
Today we want to show our special:)
Look at the pictuers.
These lamps are not normal ones.
The all lampshades in Yuu and Sato were made and used in early Syowa period.
That means about 90 years ago.
Each lampshade is all different.
They have been collected by our owner.
If you come here, you can feel and experience the old Japanese=>
That sounds graet, right?? hahaha
Please enjoy your staying at our hostel as that aspect,too :)

Good night☆

Saturday, January 22, 2011


How are you??
It is still cold in Kyoto:)
These days, there are many calls and mails of inquiry for this spring.
Spring is one of the busiest season in Kyoto.
You can see a lot of cherry blossoms!!
The weather is nice as well. Good for sightseeing :)
By the way, one of our staff has a serious cold. He is taking a rest in his home.
It also happen to everyone. Winter is not over yet.
Let's take care and be careful of catching a cold!!~=>
Good night!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi!! Everyone!
We had a good thing!!
So, we wanted to share this news with everyone :)
We had great pesents yeserday!!
Look at the above picture.
...One of our guest sent us some sweets!!
We were so happy and thank him!!
He stayed here before, and is coming soon to stay again!
He seems to like staying here. That makes us get motivated :)
Thanks agian and look forward to see him.
See you!!:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowing again!!

Hi :)
How's it going everybody!!

Today, it was snowy again in Kyoto.
Usually, there is a snowing day in a season at Kyoto.
However, we had snow a lot this year!!

Many Japanese would like to take a long time bath when it is cold like today!!
There are a lot booking of private open-air bath that we have.
When you come over here, why don't you try it!!
It's so comfortable and can be relaxed!!:)

See you later!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

How's it going, guys!?
bit late though hahaha

We had a OSECHI!
It is special and traditional, kind of Bento Box, for new year meal.
It is not just looking gorgeous and deliciou.
Eveything ingreddients have meaning.
Ex, Rooling Egg looks like sun and it is an auspicious symbol.

Hope New Year brings good luck for everybody =>