Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cafe open

We are finally allowed to announce our Café, adjusting to our reception, is open from today.
The name is "Café の輪". (read Café No-Wa)

There will be 3 options for lunch in a menu like listed below:

Today's Special at 860 yen: Dishes are varied day by day
*Content: 2 mall dishes, the main dish, miso soup, rice, Japanese pickles, and a salad.

Tempura Gozen at 1080 yen: The platter with tempuras
*Content: 2 small dishes, steamed egg hotchpotch, tempuras (prawn, sillago, 4 seasonal Kyoto vegetables.), miso soup, rice, and Japanese pickles.

As a seasonal menu, fine noodles (Somen in Japanese) and Sushi with an eel set at 1300yen:
*Content: fine noodles, eel sushi, Inari zushi (seasoned by sushi vinegar rice wrapped in a deep fried bean curd.), and rice ball with a prawn tempura.

These above are all tasty and you can enjoy them with an open-spaced garden view.
We will offer you a relaxing time for your break of the sight-seeing.

OPEN: 11:00 - 15:00 (Close on Tuesdays.)

Please have a visit even an once if you are here in Kyoto by any chance.

本日、受付に隣接しておりますCafé の輪をオープン致しました。


本日のランチ: 860円
内容: 小鉢2品、メイン、味噌汁、ご飯、漬物、サラダ

天ぷら御膳: 1080円
内容: 小鉢2品、茶碗蒸し、天ぷら(海老、キス、京都旬野菜4種)、味噌汁、ご飯、漬物

そうめんとうなぎ寿司セット: 1300円
内容: そうめん、うなぎ押しずし、いなり、えび天むす


OPEN: 11:00-15:00 (火曜日は、定休日とさせて頂きます。)