Sunday, October 28, 2012

Red leaves season is near at hand

We are approaching to "this enchanting season".
Viewing the red leaves is one of the romantic events among Japanese couples.
Here in Kyoto, there are lots of spots you can see them with light-up.
This scenery is unbelievably beautiful, so you must be in good mood if you go there with your partner!
Of course, you can go there with your friends and have a big blast, too:)
If you were here then, we definitely recommend you seeing them!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zidai Festival is just coming!!

1 week into the one of the biggest festival in Kyoto, Zidai Festival !!
What amaze you most in this festival is that distance, from Karasuma st to Heian-Zinguu, 4.5 km, over all !! It's 5 times longer than distance of the parade held in Disneyland !!  For such long distance, it's rather hard to find where you cannot see.  
As you can see from the pic below, people in the line are all in the traditional wearing. These  cloths used to be worn by ancient Japanese.  As they are walking, cloths they are wearing will be gradually changed from traditional cloths to modern.  That represents the change of the Japanese history by their fashion style. 
Watching them walking through, you feel as if you had been transported through the time.  Come and experience !!