Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nagomi-no-wa weather forecast for this summer!!

Hello, everyone!

According to the weather forecast, this summer is going to be a cool one. Do you think this is bad? Actually, this is not just bad.
The summer in Kyoto is extremely hot because of the humidity. You cannot compare with the other cities in Japan. This is because Kyoto is surrounded by mountains except the south side, and warm air comes into Kyoto from there, then the sun heat it up, hear it up and heat it up…It is like being in a sauna all the day! :-S

So, having a cool summer is a good news in some points! There are lots of events going on then. Gion festival, the most famous festival in Kyoto, is in the middle of July. Also, there are lots of Japanese festivals (Matsuri) and fireworks during summer!! Let’s go out for these events wearing Yukata (Japanese traditional clothes) like we Japanese normally do. That would be the best memory of traveling in Kyoto. We have an activity, "Kimono-experience", which you can try to wear Kimono/Yukata. Check this web page for more detail!

We never know how the weather will be, but we are sure that you can enjoy Kyoto anyway, not depending on weather or season… ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you at our guesthouse!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our guesthouse was broadcasted!!

After the long cold weather (It snowed in Tokyo in APRIL!!), It's been very hot in Kyoto...finally! It was more than 30 degrees yesterday.

We had a great "Golden Week", which is one of the longest public holidays in Japan, and there were lots of tourists came to Kyoto.

In the Golden Week, our guesthouse was broadcasted in a famous local programme called "Yo-i Don". Did you guys check it?!

In the programme, a famous singer walks around in various local areas in Kinki and stops by some unique places. And this time, it was Kyoto station area.
He stopped by our guesthouse and asked us some questions like, "What is this place?". Because it's unusual to see many English letters in Japan.
Basically, our owner talked about why she started the guesthouse, what our guesthouse aims for and so on. It's worth checking it out!!

From now on, there are still many events coming out.

Aoi Festival on 15th is one of them. This is one of the 3 biggest fastivals in Kyoto. This festival consists of a procession of beautifully decorated oxcarts attended by some 500-plus people dressed in Heian-period costume.

Come to our ryokan to enjoy Kyoto with our friendly staff.
We are waiting for your arrival!