Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Count Down to Spring !!

Hi! How are you everyone!?
It becomes warm in Kyoto these days. We are all excited about welcoming beautiful spring season.

There are lots of events in Spring. One of the main events "Higashiyama Hanatoro" has started on 13th March.

Lots more are coming soon!!
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●Hanatoro(13th March- 22nd March)
As many as 2400 lanterns and ikebana flower arrangements give fantastic colour to a walkway from Shoren-in in the north through Maruyama Park and Yasaka-Jinja to kiyomizu-dera in the south.
Many things start in Spring. Flowers start bloom, schools start ( In Japan, generally )..etc, so we believe that Spring is the time to start new thisngs !!

What are we going to start in this Spring ??????????

We have decided to start breakfast service !!

Details will be showed in our website near future.... look forward to it(^^)