Thursday, January 27, 2011

Save money!! Do great experience!!

Hi there!
May be, almost of the people who check our infomation know that we have Winter Special.
The geusts on the pictures put on Kimono for free!!
If you book and stay at our hostel by 5th March, Kimono Experiece is included in the room rate. Sounds economical~~!! Kind to your wallets~~~!! hahaha :)
If you want to know ...the detail about WINTER SPECIAL, check it out!!
We are not sure yet but we might be going to do Winter Special next winter.
So if you cannot come over to our place this winter, please check this community often.
We will let you know some information before the next winter!!

See you ~~ =>

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's special of our building??

Hi everyone!!
Today we want to show our special:)
Look at the pictuers.
These lamps are not normal ones.
The all lampshades in Yuu and Sato were made and used in early Syowa period.
That means about 90 years ago.
Each lampshade is all different.
They have been collected by our owner.
If you come here, you can feel and experience the old Japanese=>
That sounds graet, right?? hahaha
Please enjoy your staying at our hostel as that aspect,too :)

Good night☆

Saturday, January 22, 2011


How are you??
It is still cold in Kyoto:)
These days, there are many calls and mails of inquiry for this spring.
Spring is one of the busiest season in Kyoto.
You can see a lot of cherry blossoms!!
The weather is nice as well. Good for sightseeing :)
By the way, one of our staff has a serious cold. He is taking a rest in his home.
It also happen to everyone. Winter is not over yet.
Let's take care and be careful of catching a cold!!~=>
Good night!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi!! Everyone!
We had a good thing!!
So, we wanted to share this news with everyone :)
We had great pesents yeserday!!
Look at the above picture.
...One of our guest sent us some sweets!!
We were so happy and thank him!!
He stayed here before, and is coming soon to stay again!
He seems to like staying here. That makes us get motivated :)
Thanks agian and look forward to see him.
See you!!:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowing again!!

Hi :)
How's it going everybody!!

Today, it was snowy again in Kyoto.
Usually, there is a snowing day in a season at Kyoto.
However, we had snow a lot this year!!

Many Japanese would like to take a long time bath when it is cold like today!!
There are a lot booking of private open-air bath that we have.
When you come over here, why don't you try it!!
It's so comfortable and can be relaxed!!:)

See you later!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

How's it going, guys!?
bit late though hahaha

We had a OSECHI!
It is special and traditional, kind of Bento Box, for new year meal.
It is not just looking gorgeous and deliciou.
Eveything ingreddients have meaning.
Ex, Rooling Egg looks like sun and it is an auspicious symbol.

Hope New Year brings good luck for everybody =>