Monday, May 4, 2015

New property "Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan"

We recently opened our new property, Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan, located within 30 seconds from Yuu.
We imagined that Taisho era, which had an atmosphere featuring mixture of Western and Japanese culture, for the renovation of building.
We hope that all of you can be back in time and find it enchanting for your stay.
Also, we are about to launch new business "Café Bar No-wa" adjusting Roman-Kan.
It is Café and Bar as simply followed by its name, but also has a good mood with furniture, or glasses etc.
It represents many ideas of our owner in several parts of it, so we would like you to enjoy these aspects, too, in visiting here for lunch or drink by any chance.
We look forward to meeting you all here at your any conveniences.
Please check the Facebook page of this new brunch, "Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan / Café Bar No-wa" below:

この春、新施設、京宿 ロマン館が増えました。
なごみ旅館 悠より徒歩30秒圏内の場所になります。
系列店のなごみ旅館 悠や、和宿 里とはまた違った楽しみ方もあると思います。
また、Cafe Bar の輪もこのロマン館に隣接しオープン間近になっております。
その名の通り、Cafe Barという事ですが、オーナーの趣向を凝らしたアイディアが満載で、小物やグラスなども含めとても良い雰囲気に仕上がっております。
よろしければ、京宿 ロマン館/Café Bar の輪の下記Facebookページもご覧ください。