Saturday, August 29, 2009

Somen Night !!


We had a Somen Nagashi Night on the 29th of August when Kyoto was still muggy, we had fun together eating chilled noodles.

The way we had the noodles might be a little bit looking weird in the left pic??
We were trying to catch "Somen" (Japanese cold thin noodles) which was flowing in water through bamboo !! Have you ever tried such a unique dinner?
Our friends carpenters got the bamboo shoots from a nearby forest and made them like a long rail tying and fixing each other. We invited local Japanese neighbours and children as well as guests staying with us, then we really had many people with us enjoying together at that night.
So, can you imagine how it was?
somen noodles were coming through the bamboo rail, this is not so hard to catch even if you are not so used to chopsticks. Then some fruits such as grapes, kiwis and mini tomatoes were also coming down. you must be really skillful to pick them up with chopsticks! or you will never be able to eat them, or else, friends standing upstream might catch it right before you!
right photo shows some dipping sauce and toppings such as gingers, nori, chopped spring onion and so on. yummy yummy :P
It was quite enjoyable and if you ever have a chance to join us next time, you shouldn't miss it!
Yumi and Manami