Thursday, March 24, 2011

for this Spring

How are you doing??
Everyone knows what is going on in Japan.
We appreciate our guests are sending very encouraging message for us, and for Japan.

Kyoto is totally fine and safe.
Transportation, restaurant, supermarket, convenience stores and so on are opening as usual. We don’t have any problem with that now. So it is something like nothing happened in Japan. But actually it isn’t.

The number of tourists coming to Japan sharply decreased after the disaster. We are struggling to deal with many cancellations related to this. Still don’t know where we are going to.

However, surely and steadily the beautiful spring season is coming here.
This year there might be not a lot of people around here, sightseeing spot won't be crowded, compared to last year. Hostels in kyoto are preparing usual price for even this busy season. Some people even say that this would be a good experience for you to get to know a gentle spring in Japan. We hope this spring makes everyone feel peaceful and forget about this sad thing just one moment.

For them, for our future guests, we would like to serve with our heart.
We would like to make your journey safe and unforgettable.

New Japan is beginning from now!! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As you know Kyoto is the one of the most famous city in Japan about the BEAUTUFUL cherry blossam "Sakura".A lot of tourists are coming to Kyoto from around the world to see wonderful nature.We are exciting that most beautiful season is coming to Kyoto now!!

The cherry blossom will come out early in April.This year cherry blossam will be bloom delayed, becase of unusual wheather.You can see the cherry blossam from 29th of March.We are expecting to see in full bloom cherry blossam on 6th of April in Kyoto city!:)

Hopefully you could be come to make the most beautiful experince about cherry blossam in here, KYOTO;D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kyoto is alright!

Dear Friends,

Despite of the disaster that has overwhelmed the whole country, Kyoto has fortunately been dismissed of further distruption. However, it is much too soon to be relieved, or grieved over the concequence of the earthquake.

Japan is not dead.

Kyoto is looking as brightful as it has ever been;
with the Cherry blossoms starting to bloom, with Miyako-Odori marching on the way.
The spring is coming!

Thank you so much for the kind words of condolences.


Friday, March 11, 2011

a massive earthquake hit!! but we kyoto are fine.

As you may know, a massive earthquake hit the north of east Japan yesterday. It is said around 300 people have been killed and more than 700 people are missing by the earthquake, and also by huge tsunami after the earthquake.
Japan is in total chaos at the moment. Nobody knows where we are going to.

Last night, we got many people who had to return to our place to stay due to all traffic closed down. There may be still hundreds of people stuck at the station and have nowhere to go and stay.

Today, we feel terrified of the serious damage to the north of east Japan and deeply sorry for the people suffering from the earthquake. Who can we brame this happening for? It is nobody's fault. It is natural disaster.

At the same time, we have got a lot of heart-warming messages from our guests. They all worry about us and Kyoto. This is really encuraging us in this situation. Thanks a lot for all of them, we are fine.

Fortunately, except the area near to seachoast, there was almost nothing happned in kyoto and osaka. We actually could feel the earthquake a bit, though. However, some of us have family living in near to the quake-hit area, and one who used to work here is from the area, so we are praying for safety of the people in there. Even a small thing would make difference. We want to do something for them.

We all just wish all people's safety and prevent the damage from spreading anymore.







Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 3rd is celebrated as the Girl's Day, or the Festival of Dolls. People display graceful dolls in ancient court costumes on a tier of 5 or 7 shelves covered with scarlet cloth. These dolls represent the Emperor and Empress, the court ladies, the ministers and the court musicians. The girls are expected to be as elegant as these courtly ladies.
Young girls wear their beautiful Kimono and get together before the display and have a good time, eating sweet rice crackers (Hina arare) and drinking white sake (Shirozake). It is also known as the Peach Festival.

there is the festival in Ichihime-jinja shrine. the temple is very close to our hostel.