Monday, July 14, 2014

New property, Koto-An

Hello, everyone!

Today, we announce that we opened Koto-An, one property rental service.

It is suitable for families, a big group, or even couples on the special occasion.
This does not mean it is restricted for those people.

We are always willing to have all of you, so please contact us at the first place.

To briefly explain you, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and some amenity are set for your party.

Its structure is a traditional one, Machiya, and two stories.

It must be perfect to feel Kyoto life and chill out.

For more details, please contact us directly.

The attached photo is a part of this, Koto-An.

We hope to see many of you staying in this new one or others.










Sunday, July 6, 2014

Star Festival

July 7 is the Star Festival which is one of the important event in Japan. 
The attached photo is one of our guests making her wish!

Originally, this festival bases on the Chinese legend of two stars; Altair and Vega. Vega, a weaving girl, and Altair, a cowherd boy, they are both hard-working.
However, once they got seeing each other, they discontinued working. 

This led to lose the temper of Vega's father... Due to it, he prohibited them from meeting-up by separating by the Milky way.
After that, they reformed their mind and decided to work hard again! It succeeded in changing father's mind and getting together again! It was just once a year, though.. From that story, people began to celebrate their reunion by decorating the bamboo branches with some paper stripes and ornaments.
On top of that, it is believed that the wish comes true if you write it on the paper stripes and hang it on the bamboo. 

So now, let's get some pens and papers to make your hope come true! 


もともとこの行事は、中国の二つ星の伝説(ヴェガとアルテア)に由来しています。 ヴェガは織物、アルテアは牛の世話をして、とても熱心に働いていました。
しかし、一度二人が出会うことによって、仕事をすることをやめてしまいました。 それによって、激怒したヴェガの父親が二人が会うことと禁じ、天の川で二人を二分してしまいました。
二人は、改心しもう一度一生懸命に働くことを決め、一年に一度だけですが父から再開の許しを得ることがでました。 このことより、人々は短冊に紙や飾りを施すようになりました。
みなさん、知っていましたか―? みなさんも私たちのように短冊に願いをのせて見せませんか!?