Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nagoshi-no-harae Summer Purification

Nagoshi-no-harae Summer Purification is held at many spots in Kyoto!
The biggest Chinowa wreath is set up at the gate of Kitano Temmangu-shrine from June 25th to 30th.
This event is to purify of your sin or bad luck in the first half year and pray for the good luck and your health for the second half one:)
The ceremony is held from 16:00 on the 30th of June.
Access: Take bus no.50 or 101 from Kyoto station and get off at Kimano Temmangu Mae
If you would like to purify of something for the rest of this year, why don't you visit there!?
アクセス: バス NO.50またはNO.101(京都駅より) 北野天満宮前下車

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kyoto Antique Fair

Antique Fair is held at Paluse Plaza exhibition hall on Jun 21th-23rd. (Held even on rainy day)
It starts from 10am and ends at 5pm. (ends 4pm on the last day)
Admission is free.
Access : 1. catch the train towards Takeda on Karasuma line get off at Takeda → 2. Get on the bus to Paluse Plaza and get off at Paluse Plaza mae
There would be 300 antique shops selling antiques, hand made clothes or accesaries.
Either you have some purpose there or not, this is surely fun in this scale! So to kill the time and shope something, why not going there1?:)
6月21日から23日にパルスプラザにて、アンティークフェア―が開かれます。 (雨天決行)
朝10時に始まって、夕方5時までやってます。 (最終日は夕方4時までです。)
アクセス: 1. 地下鉄烏丸線 竹田下車 → 2. バス パルスプラザ前下車すぐ
300店ものお店がアンティーク、 手作りの服やアクセサリーを出品します。
目的があって行くにしろ、そうでないにしろ、楽しいことは間違いありません! 暇つぶしでも、ショッピングでもいってみてはいかがですかー!?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enjoying Kimono experience!

We have many guests wearing kimonos and enjoying it at this period. Have a look at the attached picture!
Doesn't it look so enjoyable!?
We own lots of kimonos so that there must be one matching your taste!
The suitable season for kimono is about to finish...
Time is flying so fast...
So if you are planning to stay with us soon, we strongly recommend you trying it:)
この季節には、たくさんのお客様に着物体験を楽しんで頂いています。 共に貼らせていただきました写真をご覧ください!