Saturday, November 24, 2012

Festival of tea offering to the gods

One of the historical events,festival of tea offering to the gods, is coming up.
It is held at Kitano-tenmangu shrine on December 1st.
You could get some Japanese noodle(Called Soba) and Matcha green tea by purchasing a ticket: 5000yen/person.
The ticket has a limit so you could buy it from the beginning of November.(you could buy it on the day as well)
Maiko(geisha) serve you them so that you could fully feel "Japan".
The festival itself is from 10am for a hour, but the event goes on till 3pm.
To get Japanese sense or historical knowledge, we recommend you going there.
Access: catch bus no.50 or 101 from Kyoto station

アクセス: 京都駅よりバス50番または101番