Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello friends!

The spring has passed, and now the heat of summer is slowly settling in in Kyoto.

It's one way to stay in cozy air-conditioned places, but how about a lovely dinner by the
beloved River, "Kamogawa"?

Some cafes and restaurants which are facing the riverbed are allowed to build a huge veranda outside exclusively in the summer, so the customers can enjoy themselves outside watching the night of Kyoto as well as the lovely dinner with your special someone.

This is called "KAWADOKO".

Isn't this cool if you can get over the dog days like this?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's hot just like in summer.

Hello!! How are you doing??

Did you have lots of funs in Golden Week??

Here kyoto is having very hot days in this 2 weeks, up to 28 degrees. It's killing us and just like we have already got summer we don't want to have right now. The problem of this does not just come from the hotness but also horrible mosquito emaergence that we all hate. That is we all hate. Actually, I got bitten by the monster yesterday. I got shocked and couldn't believe the fact because now it is May. Nomally, or people expect, the monsters come in summer around July. I want to say to them, ' It not time yet you come, come back latter!!'

Anyway, it's very hot, though, you will be able to enjoy hanging around outside all day with T-shirt. Along Kamo-river, sitting down and drinking would be so much funs:)