Saturday, December 28, 2013

The end of this year

We are approaching the end of this year day by day.

How was this year for you?
Magnificent? Good? Not bad? Not good?
It must be really different depending on people.
We hope each of you had an awesome one:)

What are you up for New Year?
Count down somewhere nice, enjoy with your friends, or chill out at home.
There are lots of things, we guess.
In Japan, we go to temples or shrines to prey for the following year.
Since Kyoto has many temples or shrines, we have tons of people coming for that.
It must be squeezy at some spots, but it is definitely worthy to feel Japanese New year.
So if you visit Kyoto or somewhere in Japan, please try it for your experience;)

The picture is not related to New year, but we would like to show you these people who enjoyed here with us!
Nice family with great costume;)

We hope all of you have a happy new year!






Friday, November 8, 2013

Special Autumn opening in Kyoto

We have a special Autumn opening at lots of temples.

During day time, you can see even veiled space as usual.
This may be way better experience for you.

At night, you can enjoy visiting the temples it-selves and simultaneously the light-up of them.

If you were here by chance, search for that and go to where you are keen to.




Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zuiki Festival

Zuiki festival is held at Kitanotemmangu shrine from Oct 1st to 5th!
The enchanting event would be seeing the portable shrine with dry food:)

Originally, this festival began in 10 century for showing our appreciation for adequate harvest.
So we decorate the portable shrine with dry food to do it.

You could reach there by taking either bus no.50 or 101 and getting off at Kitanotemmangu-mae!

It might be one of Japanese historical festivals, so why not popping there and feeling it!?;)





Friday, August 30, 2013

Kawadoko-Eating by river


You can eat food by Kamo-River as a summer event in Kyoto.

Especially, it is available both day and night time in September.
Both have each fascination and are surely worty to try!

This event ends in the end of September.
 So if you come here and like to try something Kyotolike, we strongly recommend thid for that:)





Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daimonji Gozan-no-Okuribi is held on Ausugut 16th.

This is the traditional ritual to guide the spirits of deads to "the other side" by lighting up the mountains with fire.

On top of that, some characters or shaprs (like ship or Torii gate sharp) are created by fire.
Its view is just amazing.

The best spot to see for each ones are as follows:

Daimonzi (Japanese letter )

  • Kamo-River sides
  • Delta area at Demachi yanagi

Myo-ho (Japanese letter 妙法)

  • Kitayama street *around Notredam girl's school

Ship sharp

  • Misonobashi bridge*around Nishigamo area

Torii gate sharp

  • Togetsukyo bridge at Arashiyama

This light-up starts from 8pm on 16th.

If you are here then, see and feel another Kyoto traditional event:)




  • 鴨川沿い
  • デルタエリア(出町柳)


  • ノートルダム女学院周辺(北山通り) 


  • 御園橋(西賀茂エリア) 


  • 渡月橋(嵐山)



Monday, August 5, 2013

Kyoto Star Festival

During this period, an annual event is ongoing!

It is called Kyoto star festival illuminating some spots in Kyoto.

One is held along Horikawa Rive, the river itself or Nijo castle were artistically lit up and decorated with lots of color.

Another is held along Kamogawa River, the river all way through around downtown is lit up and decorated with beauty.

At both spots, the exhibition is held as well as above.

If you are here by any chance, just go and feel this big event in Kyoto:)





Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gion Festival

One of the 3 biggest festival in Japan called Gion Festival is ongoing!

Every year, it has lots of visitors at some downtown areas and a number of stalls will be set there.

So we can basically enjoy the several events, food and atmosphere. It moght be a memorable experieces if you visit it!!! 

The main festival is held from 14th July to 16th July. 
Also, the main parade is on 17th.

If it appeals to you why not going there!??

 毎年多くの方々が京都の街の周辺に集まり、いくつもの行事や屋台、その雰囲気を楽しまれます。 とても良い経験にもなると思います!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Star Festival-Tanabata

Today, July 7, is the Star Festival which is one of the important event in Japan. Originally, this festival bases on the Chinese legend of two stars; Altair and Vega. Vega, a weaving girl, and Altair, a cowherd boy, they are both hard-working.
However, once they got seeing each other, tehy discontinued working. This led to lose the temper of Vega's father... Due to it, he prohibited them from meeting-up by separating by the Milky way.
After that, they reformed thier mind and decided to work hard again! It succeeded in changing father's mind and getting together again! It was just once a year, though.. From that story, people began to celebrate their reunion by decorating the bamboo branches with some paper stripes and ornaments.
On top of that, it is believed that the wish comes true if you write it on the paper stripes ang hang it on the bamboo. So now, let's get some pens and papers to make your hope come true! 今日、7月7日は七夕です! もともとこの行事は、中国の二つ星の伝説(ヴェガとアルテア)に由来しています。 ヴェガは織物、アルテアは牛の世話をして、とても熱心に働いていました。
しかし、一度二人が出会うことによって、仕事をすることをやめてしまいました。 それによって、激怒したヴェガの父親が二人が会うことと禁じ、天の川で二人を二分してしまいました。
二人は、改心しもう一度一生懸命に働くことを決め、一年に一度だけですが父から再開の許しを得ることがでました。 このことより、人々は短冊に紙や飾りを施すようになりました。
そして、その紙に書いた願い事が叶うということで今でも多くの人々がこの日に短冊に願い事を書いた紙などを飾ることが恒例になっています。 みなさん、知っていましたか―? みなさんも私たちのように短冊に願いをのせて見せませんか?:)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nagoshi-no-harae Summer Purification

Nagoshi-no-harae Summer Purification is held at many spots in Kyoto!
The biggest Chinowa wreath is set up at the gate of Kitano Temmangu-shrine from June 25th to 30th.
This event is to purify of your sin or bad luck in the first half year and pray for the good luck and your health for the second half one:)
The ceremony is held from 16:00 on the 30th of June.
Access: Take bus no.50 or 101 from Kyoto station and get off at Kimano Temmangu Mae
If you would like to purify of something for the rest of this year, why don't you visit there!?
アクセス: バス NO.50またはNO.101(京都駅より) 北野天満宮前下車

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kyoto Antique Fair

Antique Fair is held at Paluse Plaza exhibition hall on Jun 21th-23rd. (Held even on rainy day)
It starts from 10am and ends at 5pm. (ends 4pm on the last day)
Admission is free.
Access : 1. catch the train towards Takeda on Karasuma line get off at Takeda → 2. Get on the bus to Paluse Plaza and get off at Paluse Plaza mae
There would be 300 antique shops selling antiques, hand made clothes or accesaries.
Either you have some purpose there or not, this is surely fun in this scale! So to kill the time and shope something, why not going there1?:)
6月21日から23日にパルスプラザにて、アンティークフェア―が開かれます。 (雨天決行)
朝10時に始まって、夕方5時までやってます。 (最終日は夕方4時までです。)
アクセス: 1. 地下鉄烏丸線 竹田下車 → 2. バス パルスプラザ前下車すぐ
300店ものお店がアンティーク、 手作りの服やアクセサリーを出品します。
目的があって行くにしろ、そうでないにしろ、楽しいことは間違いありません! 暇つぶしでも、ショッピングでもいってみてはいかがですかー!?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enjoying Kimono experience!

We have many guests wearing kimonos and enjoying it at this period. Have a look at the attached picture!
Doesn't it look so enjoyable!?
We own lots of kimonos so that there must be one matching your taste!
The suitable season for kimono is about to finish...
Time is flying so fast...
So if you are planning to stay with us soon, we strongly recommend you trying it:)
この季節には、たくさんのお客様に着物体験を楽しんで頂いています。 共に貼らせていただきました写真をご覧ください!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Suitable season for Kimonos

In Japan, it is totally warm at last.

It had been so chilly this year, but finally the warmth has come.
It is neither cold nor hot here now:)

It menans now is just time you wore Kimonos!!!
Many tourists are trying them here in Kyoto.

Our guests are also enjoying it:)
Please have a good look at the cute picture!

Here, we rent Kimonos for our guest.
It costs 1800yen/person for taking a photo with Kimono and 4500yen/person for going out with Kimono.

So if you stay with us at any chance and would like to try it, please ask us for it;)






Sunday, May 5, 2013

Aoi Festival May 15th. 2013

After the cherry blossom season, this BIG event, Aoi festival, is coming this year, too!
It's known as a one of the 3 biggest festivals in Kyoto, the most elegant and histrical one in Japan. Especially, a march of over 500 people with a Japanese traditional costume is an eye-catching performance.
It sets out from Imperial palace, passes through Shimogamo shrine and eventually reaches Kamigamo shrine.
If you are lucky and here in Kyoto on May 15th, go and check this big event!
京都三大祭として知られるこの葵祭りは、とてもゴージャスで歴史的なお祭りでもあります。 特に、伝統衣装を身にまとった500名以上もの行進が注目すべきパフォーマンスです。

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The belated warmth has eventually come!

In Japan, the weather or temperature had been so unstable this spring. We assume lots of people was suffering from the gap of temperature or cold, due to it.
However, the warm spring which we had been really longing for has finally arrived! Unfortunately, cherry blossom was flew by the latest typhoon.... But, we still have loads of other things you should check here!
In kyoto, many restaurants beside the Kamo river offer a seasonal event called Kawadoko which we are able to eat some food at terrace. Meaning you can enjoy Kyoto food and stunning view simultaneously. We strongly recommend it, since It is held only from May to the end of September. On top of that, we can do it at lunch time only in May and September. That is to say, mostly it's at night, though both are great.
If you were grabbed your attention, why not going there!?
今年の春は気候がとても不安定でしたね。 温度差や風邪に困られた方も多いかと思います。
しかし、やっと、やっと待ち焦がれていた暖かい春が来たように思えます! 残念ながら先日の嵐により桜の方は散ってしまいました、、、 がしかし!他にもたくさん京都にはチェックしてほしいことがありますよー!
京都では、賀茂川沿いの多くのレストランにて川床を体験して頂けます。 京都の食べ物、落ち着いた雰囲気を同時に楽しんでいただくことができます。
5月から9月の間だけの営業となりまして、またランチサービスは5月と9月のみになります。 昼も夜もそれぞれ素敵ですので、興味のある方は是非行ってみてはいかがですか?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Most beautiful season in Kyoto

Cherry blossom all the way along Kamo River is fully blooming and is now in the peak of its beauty.  Before they fall out, come Kyoto and enjoy them!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

1 day into Setubun festival!!

The festival called "Setubun" are going to be held on 2nd and 3rd of this month, as yearly held since the first time it's began in 794 year.  
This festival was originally meant to be a celebration for the coming spring,  but now days, the meaning of this festival is not only such a celebration, but also a wish for happiness and driving away the ill luck of the year, and people believe they can actualize that by throwing beans to the demons.  You can see this festival at several shrines though, the biggest one is held at Yoshida shrine.  If you have a chance while you stay, i highly recommend you to go and experience.

今月の2日~3日にかけて吉田神社や八坂神社、平安神宮といった主要な神社で節分祭が行われます。 中でも、吉田神社で行われる節分祭は規模が大きく、夜店や豆まきだけではなく参拝者が持参した古い神札を火炉に投げ込み浄化する火炉祭も行われます。毎年3日間を通して延30万人の方が来られます。京都にお立ち寄りの際は是非足を延ばしてみてください。          


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Precious memory

We had a couple and one had his birthday during their stay here.
Then, we gave them a birthday cake as surprise!
Have a good look at the picture above.
They look so happy and that made us happy, too.
These things bring us lots of happiness, energy and satisfaction:)
Like this event, we are willing to do something for you!
So please feel free to ask us if you have something in your mind!
Let's make your stay even more special together;)