Saturday, April 27, 2013

The belated warmth has eventually come!

In Japan, the weather or temperature had been so unstable this spring. We assume lots of people was suffering from the gap of temperature or cold, due to it.
However, the warm spring which we had been really longing for has finally arrived! Unfortunately, cherry blossom was flew by the latest typhoon.... But, we still have loads of other things you should check here!
In kyoto, many restaurants beside the Kamo river offer a seasonal event called Kawadoko which we are able to eat some food at terrace. Meaning you can enjoy Kyoto food and stunning view simultaneously. We strongly recommend it, since It is held only from May to the end of September. On top of that, we can do it at lunch time only in May and September. That is to say, mostly it's at night, though both are great.
If you were grabbed your attention, why not going there!?
今年の春は気候がとても不安定でしたね。 温度差や風邪に困られた方も多いかと思います。
しかし、やっと、やっと待ち焦がれていた暖かい春が来たように思えます! 残念ながら先日の嵐により桜の方は散ってしまいました、、、 がしかし!他にもたくさん京都にはチェックしてほしいことがありますよー!
京都では、賀茂川沿いの多くのレストランにて川床を体験して頂けます。 京都の食べ物、落ち着いた雰囲気を同時に楽しんでいただくことができます。
5月から9月の間だけの営業となりまして、またランチサービスは5月と9月のみになります。 昼も夜もそれぞれ素敵ですので、興味のある方は是非行ってみてはいかがですか?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Most beautiful season in Kyoto

Cherry blossom all the way along Kamo River is fully blooming and is now in the peak of its beauty.  Before they fall out, come Kyoto and enjoy them!