Tuesday, May 24, 2016

-New menu is coming soon in public-

Hello, everyone. We apologize that we have not posted any for a while. We hope that you all are doing fine. If you happen to come across the earthquake in Kumamoto, you must be still having some difficulties. All of our staff is sincerely hoping the early recovery with finger crossed.
Please excuse us in these circumstances, but we are here to announce exciting news. In our Café Bar, No-Wa, we have an upcoming attempt. We are thinking to start some full course menus.
The rate or detail is unknown, yet we have some rages of the rate and we are sure that you can have your suitable course among them. (Photos for your reference.) Mainly, the menus include traditional Japanese food such as row fishes (Sashimi), Japanese tasted soup, Tempra, dessert, and more. Our veteran chef realizes the real taste or atmosphere of Japanese in Kyoto just like restaurants in famous districts.
Whenever you have a chance to visit and wherever you are coming from, you all are very welcome here even you are not guests in our accommodation. For our guests in accommodation, it can lessen your time waste to think of the traditional lunch or dinner in Kyoto as we offer them here. Please feel free to contact us for them. (We are planning that the full course menu requires an advanced reservation since we need to adequately prepare.)
We are all waiting for your visits with big expectations.
お久しぶりです。 皆様お元気でしょうか。 未だ、熊本地震での被害者の方々は苦しい状況下におられるかと思います。 一刻も早い復旧を我々スタッフも心より願っております。
この様な状況下の中大変恐縮ではございますが、私達から1つ皆さんに良いお知らせがあります。 受付隣接のCafé Bar の輪の新しい試みとして、コースメニューを提供する事となりました。
お値段、詳細は検討中ではございますが、きっとお客さまに合うコースのご用意が出来るのではないかと思います。 京都の有名レストランを思わす和の味や雰囲気をベテランシェフが再現します。
いつでも、どこからでも、外部のお客様でも、是非一度お越し頂きご堪能ください。 宿泊のお客様に関してはお店を探す手間も省けて大変便利かと思います。 まずはお気軽にお問い合わせ下さいませ。 (コースメニューは完全予約制とさせて頂く予定です。)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year.

We had Chinese New Year the other day, on 8th of February.


We congratulate on that, and appreciate many of your visits this year, too.

Every year around this time, we have a number of guests for its celebration and the town is always entertaining due to them.

This is a quite positive ambiance in Kyoto when it comes to the sightseeing business like us.


We are always wishing oppositely that they could also have a nice experience or memory with us or in Kyoto.

Surely it is not only this time, but especially this time for those who are coming here on purpose of its celebration.


We again thank you very much for your visit and please enjoy consecutively in Kyoto to the full extent.

We look forward to seeing you here in the future.















Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
How were your new year’s days?
We made a glorious start for 2016, having many guests from overseas or domestics.

We apologize for not giving you thanks in 2015.

It was steadily a wonderful year, and we believe that this could have not been made if we had lacked every single guest of us.
We sincerely appreciate your stay in 2015, and expectedly wait for your future visits at your any conveniences.

As a resolution for 2016, we try to polish up our spiritual of the hospitality, and give you all better service.
Not only that, but we like you to feel joyful about your stay with us.

We all look forward to meeting you again or surely welcoming the first-visitors, too.





Sunday, November 15, 2015

Red leaves season

In Kyoto, the red leaves season has come.
Every year, loads of travelers visit here for this fascinating view.

The progress of  a turning-into the color differs at spots, but it is on going.
Leaves got red already at some places, and they offer you a special spacing.

It is estimated that visitor rate is getting higher little by little in comparison with past years.
Most of the main sights would be fully crowded with people, but it is still worthy to see their views.

All of places would be good to visit, but hereby, we would like to introduce you one underground temple as our recommendation.

It is called "Yoshimine-Dera temple" and located in the west of Kyoto.
Its scenery is just beautiful with nature and fairly refresh your stress.
You can see the whole Kyoto from the top, and it is breathtaking.
Please have a look-up on the internet if you have some interests.

Each of you must have different favors of temples.
There are tons of them, but please enjoy this one special season if you have any chances to come here.







Thursday, October 8, 2015

Zidai Festival

We are sorry that it has been a while since the last upload was made.

Today, we would like to inform you that one of the biggest festivals in Kyoto is on its way for the hold.
The must-see is its march with traditional costumes, walking throughout Kyoto.

In Japanese culture, it is one aspect of finding our cultural flow to see the changes in our clothing.
The festival origins from Heian era, and the march will be held with the traditional costume in those days.

It is held from the morning on October 22, so please have a look at them and feel the antiquity to the full extent.





Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cafe open

We are finally allowed to announce our Café, adjusting to our reception, is open from today.
The name is "Café の輪". (read Café No-Wa)

There will be 3 options for lunch in a menu like listed below:

Today's Special at 860 yen: Dishes are varied day by day
*Content: 2 mall dishes, the main dish, miso soup, rice, Japanese pickles, and a salad.

Tempura Gozen at 1080 yen: The platter with tempuras
*Content: 2 small dishes, steamed egg hotchpotch, tempuras (prawn, sillago, 4 seasonal Kyoto vegetables.), miso soup, rice, and Japanese pickles.

As a seasonal menu, fine noodles (Somen in Japanese) and Sushi with an eel set at 1300yen:
*Content: fine noodles, eel sushi, Inari zushi (seasoned by sushi vinegar rice wrapped in a deep fried bean curd.), and rice ball with a prawn tempura.

These above are all tasty and you can enjoy them with an open-spaced garden view.
We will offer you a relaxing time for your break of the sight-seeing.

OPEN: 11:00 - 15:00 (Close on Tuesdays.)

Please have a visit even an once if you are here in Kyoto by any chance.

本日、受付に隣接しておりますCafé の輪をオープン致しました。


本日のランチ: 860円
内容: 小鉢2品、メイン、味噌汁、ご飯、漬物、サラダ

天ぷら御膳: 1080円
内容: 小鉢2品、茶碗蒸し、天ぷら(海老、キス、京都旬野菜4種)、味噌汁、ご飯、漬物

そうめんとうなぎ寿司セット: 1300円
内容: そうめん、うなぎ押しずし、いなり、えび天むす


OPEN: 11:00-15:00 (火曜日は、定休日とさせて頂きます。)


Monday, May 4, 2015

New property "Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan"

We recently opened our new property, Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan, located within 30 seconds from Yuu.
We imagined that Taisho era, which had an atmosphere featuring mixture of Western and Japanese culture, for the renovation of building.
We hope that all of you can be back in time and find it enchanting for your stay.
Also, we are about to launch new business "Café Bar No-wa" adjusting Roman-Kan.
It is Café and Bar as simply followed by its name, but also has a good mood with furniture, or glasses etc.
It represents many ideas of our owner in several parts of it, so we would like you to enjoy these aspects, too, in visiting here for lunch or drink by any chance.
We look forward to meeting you all here at your any conveniences.
Please check the Facebook page of this new brunch, "Kyo-Yado Roman-Kan / Café Bar No-wa" below:


この春、新施設、京宿 ロマン館が増えました。
なごみ旅館 悠より徒歩30秒圏内の場所になります。
系列店のなごみ旅館 悠や、和宿 里とはまた違った楽しみ方もあると思います。
また、Cafe Bar の輪もこのロマン館に隣接しオープン間近になっております。
その名の通り、Cafe Barという事ですが、オーナーの趣向を凝らしたアイディアが満載で、小物やグラスなども含めとても良い雰囲気に仕上がっております。
よろしければ、京宿 ロマン館/Café Bar の輪の下記Facebookページもご覧ください。