Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Arashiyama Updates

Earlier I have posted some pictures of the long-beloved Arashiyama.

Now that the cherry blossom is full in bloom, I roamed around the area once again
in search of beautiful sceneries to share.

This time Iwent to Togetsu Bridge, and a temple called "GION-JI".

GION-JI is located in a remote part of Arashiyama. It takes about 20 min. from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station.

The temple is beautifully accompanied by the moss-covered garden , and in the
midst of the green there stand graceful trees. My poor vocabulary cannot explain the beauty.

Utterly Indescribable!

Also I visited the bamboo pathway. It was dribbling at the time but was still nice.

I just wanted to share the memory ;)

yours ,

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