Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The latest touristic place here in Kyoto

Kyoto Aquarium has opend since last March. Did you know that? It is the first full-scale aquarium in which is located the spacious green zone of Umekoji park. You might be easily able to find it. It is about a 15-munites walk distance from Kyoto Station, surrounded by park land. It is believed that we have no ocean in the city and kyoto has several rivers. We reckon that it is the point of this spot due to this aquarium has Rivers of Kyoto Zone as well as Countryside of Kyoto Zone. Doesn't it appeal to you!? Surely, it also has the other ordinary facilities like every aqualiums have such as Penguin zone, Dolphin stadium and Museum shop etc. It is open from 9 to 17.(it could be changeable depending on the season) Tickets: Adults:¥2000 High school students:¥1500 Junior high ans Elementary school students:¥1000 Children(over 3 years old):¥600 Now, why don't we face to another Kyoto's aspect?

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