Thursday, September 6, 2012

After sweltering hot Summer stunning Autumn comes!

Everyone in Kyoto must have wined about roasting Summer, though after a bit more endurance fabulous Autumn comes!
How is it fabulous!? You might ask...
We would say the red leaves of Autumn! Have you all ever seen them? That is AWESOME, STUNNING and FASCINATED!!!
The view of them from the stage of Kiyomizu-temple is just breath-taking!
Summer in Kyoto is really nice. However, Autumn here is completely different and you could absolutely enjoy it in the other ways:)
So then, get gear for visiting Kyoto NOW!!!

京都のみなさんは、この燃えるように暑い夏に苦労しているでしょう。 が、、、もう少しの辛抱ですばらしい秋が訪れます!
それは紅葉です!みなさん見たことはありますか? もうそれはそれは、最高にすばらしく、魅力的なわけであります!!!

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