Sunday, May 5, 2013

Aoi Festival May 15th. 2013

After the cherry blossom season, this BIG event, Aoi festival, is coming this year, too!
It's known as a one of the 3 biggest festivals in Kyoto, the most elegant and histrical one in Japan. Especially, a march of over 500 people with a Japanese traditional costume is an eye-catching performance.
It sets out from Imperial palace, passes through Shimogamo shrine and eventually reaches Kamigamo shrine.
If you are lucky and here in Kyoto on May 15th, go and check this big event!
京都三大祭として知られるこの葵祭りは、とてもゴージャスで歴史的なお祭りでもあります。 特に、伝統衣装を身にまとった500名以上もの行進が注目すべきパフォーマンスです。

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