Monday, February 23, 2015

Bar - "No-wa"

At last Saturday night, on 21th of February, we temporarily opened our new-built bar called "No-wa" for the preparation of its official opening.

One of our staff was a bartender and we had a good time with some guests.
It was not professional, but we are glad that it seemed guests could have enjoyed their time, too.

We cannot announce when to open officially now, but will definitely inform you of its opening once we all get gear for that.

Tomorrow and day after tomorrow, we will do this temporary open again.
So if you are curious about this, please come by here even for a short time.

It does not matter if you are guests for our accommodation or not, so please do not hesitate to pop in.
If you are awkward to come here by yourself, you can invite some of your friends!

It roughly starts from 6 pm.
We will wait for your visit with a big excitement.

先日、2月21日、私どもの新施設 Bar “の輪” をプレオープン致しました。







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