Sunday, June 11, 2017

茅の輪くぐり "Chinowa Kuguri"




Today, I will introduce very important religious event held on June 30th in Kyoto.
The event is named “Chinowa Kuguri.”

Because the day is just middle of year, Japanese people have held “Chinowa Kuguri” to pray for being healthy and happy since Edo period.
“Chinowa” is the large circle tied up with Japanese pampas grass and big enough for people to pass through like a gate.
It’s said that we can purify ourselves by going under the circle.

You can try “Chinowa Kuguri” at many shrines around Kyoto, such as Heian Shrine, Yasaka Shrine and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.
The time of event is different depending on the shrine, so please check it out before you go.
Also, how to go under “Chinowa” is various, so it’s interesting to visit and find your favorite shrine!

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