Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fancy a nice public bath?


today i am gonna talk about a public bath "Hakuazan-yu" very close to our hostel.
as you know the japanese love onsens (hot springs), though this bath Hakuzan-yu is situated in a middle of town, they do not use tap water but use mineral water like an onsen! some foreigners hesitate to be naked in front of other people and ask a silly question "can i wear a swimming suit in there?" oh, please don't!! if you did that, you would be too noticeable or wouldn't be allowed to enter. just don't be shy! no one cares!! of course men and women are separated. they have an open-air bath, jacuzzi, sauna, electric bath and so on....see thier webiste, you can at least view their photos
it only costs 410yen. once you experiene, you will realy love it!
and after the bath, why dont you go to a supermarket "Fresco" also nearby our hostel to get a can of beer ;)
summer has come...!


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