Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tea celemony and Nail art

Hi ! How's going?

Today is awsome wheater in Kyoto, and max tempureture is 31℃.....How hot!!

Usually, June is rain season in Japan, but summer has come!?!? haha...

Anyway, today we held tea celemony for foreign visitors.

We enjoyed traditional green tea and dry confectrioneries.

Tea celemony makes us relax and calm down...

and in these days, we started nail service for guests! It's sooooo cute! Like princess!!

Our hostel has tea celemony, kimono, nail service, so I think women's fun will increase!

(of corse, also men can enjoy it if you want.haha)

Pls visit our hostel and fully enjoy it!!



  1. yooo!!! konichiwa dear friends!!! guess who? it's me mirko, I was in Ikoi no ie on May 26-27-28, from Italy! me, marco and flavia...can you remember?
    I've found a minute to leave a message on your blog, here I am!!!
    We did enjoy so much our stay in Kyoto, I'm talking about Ikoi no ie to every body I know! I've got friends thinking about Japan, so I'm pushing your ryokan strongly!!!
    Mr Mariano Alcantara and girlfriend are going to be there on july! they are friends of mine, so take care of them...As usual!!!!!!
    I really hope to meet you again, a big hug!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment and sorry for late.
    We are happy you enjoyed staying here and talk about that to your friends.
    The day you gave us that comment,
    we just took some pictures with your friend, Mr Mariano!!
    There is one of the pictures on our HP.
    Just check it up!
    We hope to see you soon!!!