Friday, February 11, 2011

National Foundation Day!

Hi how are you doing everyone??
Today is National Foundtion Day in Kyoto.
The first Emperor succeeded to the throne on this day in B.C.660.

So many poeple having day off today!
But actually we don't do anything special on this day.
We don't cerebrate like other countries.
So we just usually go out and have fun, that's all.

Anyway, do you know Kyoto Imperial Palace?
That's the place where Emperor used to live.
When poeple come to Kyoto, they often visit Kyoto Imperial Palace & Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
You can visit garden whnever you want.
If you want to go inside the palace, please take your passport to the counter of the Imperial Household Agency Kyoto Office to apply for entry permission.
You can join the English tour free of charge!
I think it worth going there!

See you!


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