Tuesday, February 15, 2011

trip to Miyama!!


Here is snowing again. Where is hopeful Spring? We cant wait!!
Recently, we have been searching any place where you can experience more authentic japanese atmosphere. The place would be something you have never seen.
A few days ago, we went to Miyama district, some 15km from north of Kyto city, where you will find the collection of houses with a thatched roof in the beautiful landscape. As you see from the picture, the houses in the district are quite similar to the one called gassyo-zukuri in Shirakawa-go which was selected World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.
It was snowing a lot when we were there so that we could see and enjoy winter scenery of the village.
There are still a lot of places people dont know and go in Kyoto so We would like you to know such a hidden spot through this blog.

See you later!

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