Thursday, March 24, 2011

for this Spring

How are you doing??
Everyone knows what is going on in Japan.
We appreciate our guests are sending very encouraging message for us, and for Japan.

Kyoto is totally fine and safe.
Transportation, restaurant, supermarket, convenience stores and so on are opening as usual. We don’t have any problem with that now. So it is something like nothing happened in Japan. But actually it isn’t.

The number of tourists coming to Japan sharply decreased after the disaster. We are struggling to deal with many cancellations related to this. Still don’t know where we are going to.

However, surely and steadily the beautiful spring season is coming here.
This year there might be not a lot of people around here, sightseeing spot won't be crowded, compared to last year. Hostels in kyoto are preparing usual price for even this busy season. Some people even say that this would be a good experience for you to get to know a gentle spring in Japan. We hope this spring makes everyone feel peaceful and forget about this sad thing just one moment.

For them, for our future guests, we would like to serve with our heart.
We would like to make your journey safe and unforgettable.

New Japan is beginning from now!! 

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