Friday, March 11, 2011

a massive earthquake hit!! but we kyoto are fine.

As you may know, a massive earthquake hit the north of east Japan yesterday. It is said around 300 people have been killed and more than 700 people are missing by the earthquake, and also by huge tsunami after the earthquake.
Japan is in total chaos at the moment. Nobody knows where we are going to.

Last night, we got many people who had to return to our place to stay due to all traffic closed down. There may be still hundreds of people stuck at the station and have nowhere to go and stay.

Today, we feel terrified of the serious damage to the north of east Japan and deeply sorry for the people suffering from the earthquake. Who can we brame this happening for? It is nobody's fault. It is natural disaster.

At the same time, we have got a lot of heart-warming messages from our guests. They all worry about us and Kyoto. This is really encuraging us in this situation. Thanks a lot for all of them, we are fine.

Fortunately, except the area near to seachoast, there was almost nothing happned in kyoto and osaka. We actually could feel the earthquake a bit, though. However, some of us have family living in near to the quake-hit area, and one who used to work here is from the area, so we are praying for safety of the people in there. Even a small thing would make difference. We want to do something for them.

We all just wish all people's safety and prevent the damage from spreading anymore.







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