Sunday, November 15, 2015

Red leaves season

In Kyoto, the red leaves season has come.
Every year, loads of travelers visit here for this fascinating view.

The progress of  a turning-into the color differs at spots, but it is on going.
Leaves got red already at some places, and they offer you a special spacing.

It is estimated that visitor rate is getting higher little by little in comparison with past years.
Most of the main sights would be fully crowded with people, but it is still worthy to see their views.

All of places would be good to visit, but hereby, we would like to introduce you one underground temple as our recommendation.

It is called "Yoshimine-Dera temple" and located in the west of Kyoto.
Its scenery is just beautiful with nature and fairly refresh your stress.
You can see the whole Kyoto from the top, and it is breathtaking.
Please have a look-up on the internet if you have some interests.

Each of you must have different favors of temples.
There are tons of them, but please enjoy this one special season if you have any chances to come here.







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