Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Must-come event in summer ~Special offer from us~

Nowadays, we've been feeling that summer is in process of appearing. Isn't it too hot everyday, this year? Everyone tends to eat loads of ice creams and afterwards, they get pain in their belly. After all, they rush to the toilet... sorry... Anyway, we hold a special event which you can surely enjoy a lot even in the sun! It is Somen Nagashi!!!! Somen is sort of noodle which is normally made by flour(you can have a look at first picture) and Nagashi means 'Float' in English. For you to image it up, you can look at second picture. As you can see, there are some half-bamboos to float some water and people around them. We usually need chopsticks and some small containers to put special soup to eat Somen! And now like you may be able to guess, we throw somen into the bamboos and people need to catch them! After catching it, you just dip into the soup and eat it! That sounds fun, doesn't it!!? To your pleased suprise, it is for free and held every Wednesday and Sunday from the end of June!!! On top of that, you can request it even not Monday and Sunday which means you can do it whenever you like!!!!!!!!! However, in case of bad weather, we need to cancell it unwillingly... We are glateful if you show us your acknowledge. Lastly, it is known as Japanese famous summer event and WE hold it!!!!! So let's get together, eat Somen and have fun!!!

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