Sunday, June 17, 2012

What is the coping method for the hotness!??

Summer has completely arrived here in Japan. Everyone must be feeling too hot and not have any motivation to do something. While we are in such a tiresome situation, "THE" first must-come event is held at Nagomi Ryokan on 30th of June! It is ・・・・・・ SOMEN NAGASHI!!!!!!!!! We announce it for those who long for eating the floated Somen and enjoying this great event with us!!! So why don't we have a big fun and kick the hotness out altogether!??
夏もすっかり訪れて、みなさん「暑い゛~」だとか「なにもしだくないー」だとかになっているに違いありません・・・ そんな中、最初の一大イベントが6月30日、なごみ旅館にやってきます! その名も・・・・・そうめん流し!!!!!!!!!! 流しそうめんを食べたっかった、私たちと一緒にこのイベントを楽しみたかったという方々、お待たせいたしましたー! さあ、みんなで最高に楽しんで、夏の暑さを吹き飛ばしましょう!!!

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