Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The biggest event in Kyoto

One of the 3 biggest festival in Japan called Gion Festival is coming up! Every year, it has lots of visitors at some downtown areas and a number of stalls will be set there. So we can basically enjoy the several events, food and atmosphere. It moght be a memorable experieces if you visit it!!! The main festival is held from 14th July to 16th July. If it appeals to you why not going there!??
日本三大祭のひとつの祇園祭りが京都にやってきます! 毎年多くの方々が京都の街の周辺に集まり、いくつもの行事や屋台、その雰囲気を楽しまれます。 とても良い経験にもなると思います! 主な祭りといわれる行事は、7月の14から16日まで開催されますので興味を持った方はぜひ!!!

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