Thursday, July 5, 2012

The first event; Somen nagashi

On June 30, we did Somen nagashi as we decleared. Our guests seemed to have enjoyed a lot! Our staff could have possibly had fun more than them, though...:) At any rate, it was absolutely successful! We intend to carry on this event for the following summer season. The next Somen nagashi would be held on July 8!!! Those who missed the first one or want to try again can come here at Nagomi-ryokan-yuu and enjoy it! We would love to have a great time with all of you by all mean!!! It must be so fun, mustn't it!!!?;)
6月30日、以前お知らせした通りそうめん流しを行いました! お客さんも楽しんでいただけたようで! 私たちスタッフのほうがもしかしたら楽しんでいたかもしれませんが・・・笑 とにかく、成功という形でおわれたと思うので、これからの夏の季節にもどんどんそうめん流しやっていこうと思っています! つぎのそうめん流しは、7月8日を予定しています!!! 一回目にこれなかった方、もう一度したいという方、このなごみ旅館悠にてぜひとも一緒に楽しみましょう!!! きっと楽しいと思いません!!!?;)

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