Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi friends!

Summer is coming, and we are all craving for something cold to devour so we can cool down our hot bodies.

Some eat ice cream, some gobble down a bottle of extreamly cold tea (or coke), some love to compete with the heat and eat boiling ramen (and excessive sweat would chill them out. A bit disgusting, but you know it works).

But what's loved throughout the summer is Somen. I have never heard anyone disliking it.

Somen is a type of noodle which is mainly made of flour. After we boil the noodle, we put it in very cold water and serve with ice to maintain its cold temperature (See the picture above).

When we eat it, we can't help but feel that the summer is just round the corner, or maybe already out there somewhere.

We once held a Somen party in 2009 just outside the street of the hotel. We installed a bamboo slide, which resembles the waterfall, and from the top thrown a chopstick-full of somen. As the noodle slides down the flume one must catch it quickly to eat., or it goes out for someone else.

We call it "Nagashi Somen" (flowing noodle).

We invited neighbors and the guests!

If we you have a chance, please try Somen!


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